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Who:Max What:high school student Where:baton rouge, LA Age:16 Sexual… - Asa Nisi Masa [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Asa Nisi Masa: The Beautiful Confusion

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[Jul. 14th, 2005|06:05 pm]
Asa Nisi Masa: The Beautiful Confusion
What:high school student
Where:baton rouge, LA
Sexual Orientation:Male
Books or Authors:roald dahl omnibus; jeffery eugenides (sp)
Movies or Directors: david lynch, fellini, gus van sant
Actors or Actresses:naomi watts; christian bale
Songs or Musicians:playground love-air; interpol; my bloody valentine; brian jonestown massacre
Poems or Poets:anything by sylvia plath, or anne sexton
Philosophers: let me think about that, no pun intended
Kinds of Art or Artists: any art, i like andy warhol, and salvidor dali, and gino severini
Other Stuff-
The last thing you put in your mouth:chicken
Give us a lyric, unpretentious yet meaningful: bury this bone to gnaw on it later, gnawing on the telephone
Tell us something we don't already know: my middle name is oliver
Tell us a riddle, but don't tell us the answer: what is up when it is down and down when it is up?
Tell us a story: once a man was watching eraserhead when suddenly a gust of wind came into the room picking him up and pushing him out the window and into his front lawn where he startled an old women walking her cat, well pulling her cat, and she asked him "why sir, why did you just fly out your window? you came out your window? what beez the problem? is there beez a problem" the man died laughing.
Tell us your favorite teacher ever, and why: mrs orourke, she worked us to our death, but because of her i am more literature-saavy and ive been opened to lots of new short story authors
In exactly 50 words, tell us about yourself, why you want to join, and why we should accept you: I love movies, i plan to attend NYU film school, next year ill be working in tv and film at baton rouge high, and i adore adore film.and cinematography and directing and writing and art and YES!
Show us a picture. Any picture. It could be you, or it could be the grand canyon: PICTURE * ) *&$
Lastly, Do you promise to post interesting updates to this community at least every now and then so it doesn’t wither and die? maybe
Do you keep all your promises? i try my best