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Asa Nisi Masa

Tonight is the night the pictures move

Asa Nisi Masa: The Beautiful Confusion
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For anyone who doesn't like where they are.
For anyone who wants to get out.
For anyone who wishes they had the freedom of childhood.
For anyone who wishes they had the respect of adulthood.
For anyone who can't sleep.
For anyone who falls asleep during class.
For anyone who isn't someone else.
For anyone who doesn't know who they are.
For anyone waiting for a revolution.
For anyone waiting for a lucky break.
For anyone waiting for a companion.
For anyone waiting for anything.
Asa Nisi Masa, bitch.

This is a community for the unabashedly pretentious. It's also a community for film and literature, sometimes. And music. We advocate the incorporation of Rock 'n' Roll into everyday life-- the more malapropos the better.
Art good. Fascism bad. Any questions?
Think you got the clout? Simply fill in the application below and post it here, at which point Harrison and/or Conor will judge you based on how their days are going.

The Usuals-
Sexual Orientation:
Books or Authors:
Movies or Directors:
Actors or Actresses:
Songs or Musicians:
Poems or Poets:
Kinds of Art or Artists:
Other Stuff-
The last thing you put in your mouth:
Give us a lyric, unpretentious yet meaningful:
Tell us something we don't already know:
Tell us a riddle, but don't tell us the answer:
Tell us a story:
Tell us your favorite teacher ever, and why:
In exactly 50 words, tell us about yourself, why you want to join, and why we should accept you:
Show us a picture. Any picture. It could be you, or it could be the grand canyon:
Lastly, Do you promise to post interesting updates to this community at least every now and then so it doesn’t wither and die?
Do you keep all your promises?

Post application and apply at the top of the page.
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